Revolution or War n°23

(January 2023)

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Impasse and Contradictions of the ICC in Front of the So-called “parasitism”, the ICT and the IGCL

The politically responsible and fraternal attitude of the ICC delegation at the NWBCW committee meeting in Paris – which we welcome – may have been surprising. Was not the meeting organized at the initiative of the IGCL, which it denounced as a “parasite group” and “an office of the bourgeois state” (Révolution Internationale 446), and of the ICT, which it criticizes for its opportunistic concessions to parasitism? Did not the chair of this meeting, composed of three comrades, include two former members, Olivier and Juan, who were excluded and publicly denounced in its international press as “Nazis, Stalinists, thieves, blackmailers, thugs, lumpen, slanderers, provocateurs, cops” in 2002? Yet, during the public meeting, no denunciation of the parasites and cops. No warning to the other participants that they were going to attend a meeting held by a “police agency” [1]. No ultimatum demanding the exclusion of the meeting from... its own organizers.

Either the members and active sympathizers comprising the ICC delegation do not believe a single word of the resolutions and other public articles denouncing the IGCL and its members – who are otherwise banned from attending public ICC meetings; or they have shown a particularly serious opportunistic concession to not only so-called parasitism but even to so-called “agents provocateurs of the state.”

We leave the ICC to face its contradictions, which are becoming more and more gaping and striking.

The IGCL, December 2022