Revolution or War n°15

(May 16th 2020)

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Introduction to the Communiques and Statements on the Pandemic and the Crisis

Below are the communiqués we have issued since the outbreak of the pandemic and the economic crisis, as well as two statements from the ICT and Emancipation (NC). We have omitted our first communiqué, dated March 1, which introduced one statement from Nuevo Curso. It ended as follows: "Product and factor, albeit a very particular and temporary one, of the contradictions of capital, the coronavirus epidemic becomes in its turn a minor but real and full-fledged element of the massive confrontations between the classes, which are the prelude to the resolution in one way or another of the historical alternative of revolution or war". To this day, we maintain this perspective.

The communiqués and statements that follow mark the evolution of the situation since then. The one of March 15 integrates different articles of the ICP-Proletarian (, the ICT ( and Emancipation ( Without defending precisely the same positions and orientations, all of them are clearly situated on the class terrain. The main nuance that should be noted, and that should be debated, is the importance of the generalized imperialist war as a bourgeois response to the brutal crisis that is exploding today and that is a factor of the current situation. The May 1 document of the ICT in its original Italian version clearly refers to the question of generalized war even if it does not make a direct link between its perspective and the measures used by the bourgeoisie to cope with the crisis. The May 12 Emancipation text emphasizes much more clearly this link, or rather this ’interaction,’ between crisis and war. We have no doubt that the reality of the facts as well as the open debate that we deliberately assume for our part will help the dynamic forces of the proletarian camp to grasp the magnitude of the historical stakes as they are concretely posed. This aims to enable us to collectively respond to the situations that come and to assume the role of vanguard and political leadership of the proletariat in the best possible way.

May 14, 2020