Revolution or War n°9

(Biannual - February 2018)

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New Communist Voices : Nuevo Curso (Spain) and Workers’ Offensive (United States)

The evolution of the revolutionary and proletarian camps – the latter more directly linked to the International Communist Left – is also an expression of the evolution of the historic balance of forces between the bourgeois and the proletarian classes, even if it is not the direct and mechanical product and knows its own contradictory dynamics. In their turn, the revolutionary political forces, as the highest – or most developed – expressions of class consciousness, intervene, also, certainly in an indirect and non mechanical way, on the development of the class struggle. They are, like the workers’ struggles themselves, a product and an active factor. Not because today they would directly affect workers’ struggles – this still happens only in rare exceptions and within very constrained limits – but in so far as they are able to defend and reaffirm class positions – especially class autonomy vis-à-vis the bourgeois state and proletarian internationalism in the face of nationalisms and imperialist wars – to define and advance a general understanding of the historical situation – in relation to the historical alternative revolution or war – and to present concrete orientations for the most significant struggles in the direction of their extension and unification against state forces and the capitalist class. As such, these political class positions become material elements of the confrontation between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and the evolution of their balance of power.

In this sense, the appearance of new communist voices such as Nuevo Curso in Spain ( or Workers’ Offensive in the United States ( confirms, according to us, that the international proletariat as revolutionary class tends also to equip itself with political tools, political groups and in the future the world communist party, that it needs for the massive confrontations to come.

Nuevo Curso is a blog of comrades that began publishing since late September regular statements on the situation and on wider, indeed theoretical, questions. Unfortunately, their blog is only in Spanish. All the positions that it defends are very clearly class ones and are within the programmatic framework of the Communist Left. It does not define itself as a political group and distinguishes between the “contingent vanguards” (of which it is part) and the “historical vanguards” (the political groups of the Communist Left). These categories and the comrades’ approach do not correspond, at least formally, with our “own categories”, political groups, discussion circles or still “intermediary organs” (see RoW #8), etc. For all that, we are very positively impressed not only by their uncompromising reminder of class positions, but above all by the “Marxist quality” of the comrades’ texts and their capacity of analysis and orientation in the course of events and situations: Spain and Catalonia of course, but also the proletarian demonstrations in Iran, the imperialist rivalries with the question of North Korea, or still Venezuela and Chavism… or even a history of the Communist Left in Spain that we particularly recommend.

For the most part, the same goes for the group Workers’ Offensive, which publishes Intransigence. Unlike Nuevo Curso, it calls itself a political group. Nevertheless, its basic positions, which set themselves within the programmatic framework of the Communist Left, remain relatively more incomplete according to us. In particular, there is no mention in them of the class consciousness, “the role of the revolutionaries”, and the question of the party as “organ of political leadership” – even though the editorial of Intransigence #1 deals clearly with this question. It denounces particularly and brilliantly the ideology and the political bourgeois forces of the Left on questions that are rarely tackled so far such as Capital’s Health Dilemma or the use of the “racial identities” in the name of of anti-racism, The Dead-End of Racial Identity Politics.

We also want to call the attention to the journal A Free Retriever’s Digest which gather the articles of the revolutionary press that the editors think the most interesting. Apparently without other ambition than this one, the journal provides a point of reference for the debates and the disagreements that exist within the international revolutionary camp.

Without prejudging their fate and future impact on the revolutionary and proletarian camps, they are new experiences that we will follow with attention and interest. As far as our possibilities and in relation to our political priorities, we’ll attempt to participate in making them known to the greatest number at the international level. One of the two political orientations at the foundation of our group is to gather and focus all of the revolutionary forces around the positions and the debates of the Communist Left and its material expressions, political groups and circles, and more particularly around its main component today, the Internationalist Communist Tendency. In a few months, thanks to their activity and dynamism, Nuevo Curso and Workers’ Offensive effectively inscribed themselves in this fight, with an original approach, especially for the first, in an active, open, and non-sectarian way.

The increasingly acute contrasts that the capitalist world is passing through exert also their effects on the revolutionaries. The proletarian camp and more particularly the Communist Left are obviously affected by the first pre-seismic tremors of the massive confrontations between the classes. Under the historical constraints, some forces such as the ICC [1], which held its 22nd congress, and because of its own contradictions, become petrified mummies. In the reverse direction, new forces and generations are appearing. The future and the past. It is a challenge for the groups of the Communist Left that remain dynamic such as the ICT and ourselves.

RL, February 2018



[1. It is quite possible that we will have to make a historical assessment of this organization in one of our next issues inasmuch as its last congress certainly sanctioned the disappearance of all proletarian vitality in this organization. Let us note in passing for our readers that no presentation or report of the 22nd Congress is made by the ICC. Nobody will know why, nor what political differences, have made a situation in which the international central organ of this organization found itself in minority on its report of activities after many most ridiculous vicissitudes. Let’s move on. All this does not have much importance for the proletariat, nor for the proletarian camp.