Revolution or War n°6

Biannual - September 2016

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General Meeting of the IGCL – July 2016

We publish here after large extracts of the activities report, written April 2016, which has been presented, discussed and finally adopted at the 1st General Meeting of our group since its constitution in November 2013. Why do we publish an internal report? In what can this interest the working class and its most militant and conscious minorities?

Our group stands that any working class struggle, as limited or isolated it may be, is a political struggle since, as K. Marx and F. Engels wrote in the Communist Manifesto, "every class struggle is a political struggle". Any struggle confronts at one or another level, particularly in our times, the capitalist state and its bourgeois political forces whether they are its right of left parties, its unions, its media propaganda, its police and its class justice. Now, because it implies the slogans of capitalism’s destruction, the working class insurrection and the dictatorship of the proletariat, that is the confrontation with the capitalist state, the perspective of communism actually provides the means and the political weapons for the class fights whatever are their level because "the relation which links the class to its communist consciousness is the same as the one which links the class to the future exercize of its dictatorship" (Communist Consciousness, the ICP-Battaglia comunista, 1978, in Contro venti e maree). As main expressions of the proletariat’s historical class consciousness and specific bearers of the communist perspective, the communist groups – and the party when it does exist – are the most capable to fully take on this political dimension of the class fight and to lead the greater number of workers to it. Actually, it is for taking on this task of political leadership or political vanguard that the proletariat, as historical class, makes them appear and that, all along its struggle, it favours the emergence of forces which will set up its class party. The permanent political dimension of the class fight leads to and push for the party’s constitution. Here is why the present communist groups which strongly work for the revolutionaries’ regroupment, have nothing to hide to their class. All the more since they are confronted with the same problems and difficulties – indeed at a particular level – that the class as a whole is confronted with.

So, and particularly in the historical period of massive confrontations between the classes which is opening, to set up and develop a communist group is an experience that we must share. We must attempt to get interesting in it the maximum of comrades and militant workers who do not still dare to come closer to these organizations. As the working class, the revolutionaries confront with the difficulties and conditions of the present time: mainly to scepticism in regards with the revolutionary capacities of the proletariat and to the communist perspective; and to the democratic illusions, to the cult of individualism and to the contempt and rejection of the serious, argued and direct debates. It is mainly to these two weaknesses which affect the working class as a whole and its revolutionary minorities, that our group had to struggle in its own ranks as well as in its intervention since its constitution.

The discussion on our activities have been at the centre of the works of the general meeting even though we also dealt with other points like the international situation. The discussions and the comrades’ interventions have expressed an additional degree of political clarification and agreements within our ranks on the balance-sheet of our activities and on our orientations. Certainly, we had not forces enough to draw up an activities Resolution which could have synthesized the discussion and pointed out the agreements which we came to. Nevertheless, there were no disagreement on the balance-sheet and the general orientations that the report put forwards and it has been adopted by all even though some slight differences or questionings remain on such or such secondary point. The internal orientations in regards with the equilibrium ’internal life- external intervention’ and with the balance-sheet of the journal, its ’readability’ and its diffusion, have been endorsed. The general orientations in regards to the present historical course of the struggle of classes and to the Proletarian Camp – the Left Communist groups – which had been defined at the 2013 Conference have been confirmed by the meeting and actualized in function to the development of the situation – the report presents also these elements shortly.

In conclusion, and whether the months to come will confirm or not our first impressions, for the time being this meeting appears to us as the product and a factor of homogeneity of the group and a moment for that it can realize at best its future activities – in particular to actively and centrally work for the regroupment of the communist camp and the struggle for the party.