Revolution or War

<p>Journal of the International Group of the Communist Left</p>

Revolution or War is the journal of the International Group of the Communist Left (IGLC). It is the result of the fusion of CIK- Klabastalo and FICL which dissolved beforehand in November 2013. Our unity is based on the following main points:
1 – For our class, this vital unification of Left Communist forces (whose main component is the ICT) is an essential step for the future and indispensable formation of the class party for the revolution. This fundamental objective also requires uncompromising struggle against the penetration of bourgeois ideology within the Communist Left, especially against the opportunism and sectarianism that still plague this environment.
2 – Today, this necessary process can only strengthen communists’ ability to assume the responsibilities that the proletariat has raised: to be its most conscious and determined fraction.

Communiqué on the Situation in the United States – November 7th, 2020

Election of Biden: Successful democratic, identity and anti-racist campaigns against the US and international proletariat

Trump is beaten. After a week of counting the pro-Biden ballots sent in by mail, the announced electoral ’remontada’, including by Trump himself, did take place. The American bourgeoisie can legitimately shout of success. Isn’t this proof of its political mastery? Didn’t it succeed in imposing the presidential change that it had obviously deemed (...)

Revolution or War n°16

(Biannual - October 2020)

  • Capitalist Crisis and Bourgeois Offensive Against the Proletariat

    The capitalist crisis is here and now. Six months after the explosion of the pandemic and the crisis, the historical rupture is verified and is no longer in doubt, even for the most skeptical. The capitalist world is beginning to crack everywhere to the point that social revolts of all kinds and the threat of war are multiplying. The economic (...)

  • International Situation

    Anti-police brutality protests in the United States: political implications and perspectives for the working class

    The communiqué on anti-racist demonstrations in the United States, dated 5 June 2020, is a position we have taken together with the comrades of the Gulf Coast Communist Fraction. The article that follows it, written at the end of August, is a statement on our part on the political and international significance of the events and especially of (...)

  • Protests and Electoral Campaign in America: The False Opposition Between Racism and Anti-Racism and the Threat it Poses for the International Proletariat

    We are witnessing a dangerous dynamic developing in the events in the United States. State terror has not been interrupted, far from it. People continue to be killed and maimed by police in blatant instances of excessive force. A recent outrage was the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin of a black man in front of his three children, which led to (...)

  • The Real Fight against Racism is the Fight against Capitalism.

    We reproduce below a text by Lenin on the attitude of revolutionaries towards religion. The reader will be surprised to find a historical text, which should be in the ’Texts of the Workers’ Movement’ section of our journal ; just after our position on the anti-racist demonstrations in the US and in the world ; just after our denunciation of the (...)

  • The Global Pandemic and Imperialist Competition (Internationalist Communist Tendency)

    We reproduce here an article from the Internationalist Communist Tendency on the world situation and the imperialist tensions, particularly between the US and China, that are developing more and more since the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis that is breaking out. It clearly puts forwards the only alternative that capitalism imposes (...)

  • A Few Comments of Discussion and Reflection about the ICT Text

    As we said in the preamble, the article by the comrades of the ICT clearly reaffirms the historical alternative of revolution or war, and this, for us, is the essential point that distinguishes the groups of the Communist Left that remain faithful to its lessons and, more broadly, to Marxism. Among the various contributions and points of (...)

  • Struggle against Opportunism within the Proletarian Camp

    Against Gossip on Social Networks and for Public Political Debates

    Social networks, Facebook and others, have given a new dimension to the petty-bourgeois politics of gossip and slander that have always prevailed in circles peripheral to the revolutionary camp, even the Communist Left. The phenomenon is not new. Lenin combated it in his time as we can see in One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Normally, we do (...)

  • Debate within the Proletarian Camp

    Debate on the Period of Transition: On State Capitalism Measures Taken by the Bolshevik Party in Russia

    We publish here a response by comrade Fredo Corvo to our presentation in issue no. 13 of this journal, in October 2019, of his introduction to the Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution of the ’Dutch’ GIK of the 1930s. Since then, a new English translation of this text has been published in book form and is therefore (...)

  • Some Elements of Response and Status of a Discussion

    We recently had interesting discussions with comrade Fredo Corvo on the transition period, especially on the work of the Dutch council communists on this particular issue. The reader can refer to the latest issues of our journal to pick up the thread of the discussion from the beginning. Otherwise, to summarize the main points, comrade Corvo (...)