Revolution or War

<p>Journal of the International Group of the Communist Left</p>

Revolution or War is the journal of the International Group of the Communist Left (IGLC). It is the result of the fusion of CIK- Klabastalo and FICL which dissolved beforehand in November 2013. Our unity is based on the following main points:
1 – For our class, this vital unification of Left Communist forces (whose main component is the ICT) is an essential step for the future and indispensable formation of the class party for the revolution. This fundamental objective also requires uncompromising struggle against the penetration of bourgeois ideology within the Communist Left, especially against the opportunism and sectarianism that still plague this environment.
2 – Today, this necessary process can only strengthen communists’ ability to assume the responsibilities that the proletariat has raised: to be its most conscious and determined fraction.

Revolution or War n°12

(Special issue on the proletarian camp and its future - July 2019)

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Warning : We were unable to correct and verify the English translation of several texts in this issue. We apologize for the difficulty of the reading and we hope that there is no political misunderstanding. If any doubt, one can always refer to the French version.

  • The Battle for the Reconfiguration of the Proletarian Camp, the "Party in the Making", is Launched

    This issue of the journal is a special one entirely dedicated to the situation of the proletarian camp, i.e. the revolutionary political forces that claim to be part of the International Communist Left. We will resume the normal thread of our review and its frequency in October with a more balanced summary that will try to answer both the (...)

  • Struggle for the Party

    Activities Report for the 2nd General Meeting of the IGCL – June 2019

    As we indicate in the presentation of this special issue, the report of activities adopted by our 2nd General Meeting is intended to be a report for our group as well as for the proletarian camp as a whole. We believe that our organisational experience and practice are "everyone’s business", and as such they can and should be criticised if (...)

  • Report of the First Congress of Emancipación - Nuevo Curso

    We reproduce here the report of the 1st Congress of Emancipación published on the Nuevo Curso website, which is followed by our own statement taht we have communicated in the form of a letter to the comrades. Reading the proceedings of the congress and our letter, the reader will understand that NC-Emancipación is at a crossroads between its (...)

  • Letter to Emancipación on its 1st Congress - July 10th 2019

    July 10th 2019 The IGCL to Emancipación, Dear comrades, In this letter, we would like to share with you the political balance-sheet we draw of the 1st Congress of Emancipación. This balance-sheet is based on the two documents you have published, Informe del congreso [23] [Report of the Congress] and Consignas [slogans], on the Nuevo Curso (...)

  • New Points of Unity of the Gulf Coast Communist Fraction – June 2019

    1. Capitalism is a system based on the exploitation of the proletariat (laboring classes) by the bourgeoisie (property-owning classes), governed according to value-relations, structured by the generalization of commodity-production and wage-labor; whether manifested as managed by individual capitalists, private corporations, state enterprises, (...)

  • Letter to the GCCF on its New "Points of Unity"

    July 20th 2019 The IGCL to the Gulf Coast Communist Fraction, Dear comrades, The GCCF has just published a new platform that you call “points of unity”. This shows that your new and young organization is a place for debates, discussions and also political confrontations. We strongly support and encourage that kind of political attitude (...)

  • Struggle against Opportunism

    Letter to the group Internationalist Voice

    June 27th 2019 The International Group of the Communist Left to Internationalist Voice, For more than a year now, you have been sending us your statements and addressing us as "dear comrades", which prevails between communist groups. Thus we would like to ask if you still consider the IGCL as "an unprincipled and adventurous group" whose (...)

  • Balance-sheet and Perspectives of the 23rd Congress of the ICC: To Introduce the Poison of the Opportunist and Destructive Theory of Parasitism among the New Revolutionary Forces.

    The International Communist Current publishes several documents of its 23rd Congress [32]. We can only be surprised, pleasantly for sure, whereas it had been unusually discreet to report on the previous Congress, the 22nd, in 2017. Only the Resolution on the International Situation was published in the International Review of this organization (...)

  • Historical and theoretical impasse of the ICC theory of the social decomposition phase (Internal Fraction of the ICC, 2005)

    We are republishing here a 2005 IFICC text that quickly reviews the genesis of the adoption of the theory of Decomposition by the ICC in the 1990s. It seems important to us to arm the younger generations of revolutionaries, as well as the not-so-young, against this theory, which was the theoretical and political vector for the penetration of (...)