Revolution or War

<p>Journal of the International Group of the Communist Left</p>

Revolution or War is the journal of the International Group of the Communist Left (IGLC). It is the result of the fusion of CIK- Klabastalo and FICL which dissolved beforehand in November 2013. Our unity is based on the following main points:
1 – For our class, this vital unification of Left Communist forces (whose main component is the ICT) is an essential step for the future and indispensable formation of the class party for the revolution. This fundamental objective also requires uncompromising struggle against the penetration of bourgeois ideology within the Communist Left, especially against the opportunism and sectarianism that still plague this environment.
2 – Today, this necessary process can only strengthen communists’ ability to assume the responsibilities that the proletariat has raised: to be its most conscious and determined fraction.

Anti-police brutality protests in the United States: political implications and perspectives for the working class (June 5th 2020)

(Joint Statement Gulf Coast Communist Fraction - International Group of the Communist Left)

Since the horrific killing of George Floyd by officers of the Minneapolis police department, there have been protests in over one hundred cities in the United States. The people in these protests are rightfully outraged by this murder, which is the latest in a series of similar incidents. Adding to the outrage, the police in the US have been (...)

Revolution or War n°15

(May 16th 2020)

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  • In the Face of the Crisis, Refuse Sacrifices for the War Economy!

    The regular reader will be surprised to see this issue of our biannual journal coming out just four months after the previous issue. The main reason for this is that RoW #14 was published before the global explosion of the pandemic and the brutal halt of a large part of international capitalist production. Certainly, we were able to publish on (...)

  • International Situation

    Introduction to the Communiques and Statements on the Pandemic and the Crisis

    Below are the communiqués we have issued since the outbreak of the pandemic and the economic crisis, as well as two statements from the ICT and Emancipation (NC). We have omitted our first communiqué, dated March 1, which introduced one statement from Nuevo Curso. It ended as follows: "Product and factor, albeit a very particular and temporary (...)

  • Communique of March 15th 2020

    No to National Unity in the Face of the Pandemic Caused by Capitalism! No to Sacrifices for the Safeguard of Capital! It is not up to the Proletarians to Pay for the Coronavirus and the Crisis! (IGCL, 15 March 2020). In addition to our position, we invite readers to read the communiqués published on March 11 by ICP-Proletarian (, not (...)

  • Communiqué March 19th : Coronarivus and Catastrophic Crisis: The Tragic Responsability of Communists

    "The Coronavirus Calls for Wartime Economic Thinking" (The New Yorker, March 16th 2020 [7]). "We are at war" (French President Macron, March 16). "I look at it. I view it as a, in a sense, a wartime president. I mean, that’s what we’re fighting. It’s a very tough situation" (Trump, March 18th). The rupture is historic and brutal. In addition to (...)

  • May Day 2020: Against the Virus that is Capitalism(Internationalist Communist Tendency, May 1st 2020)

    We reproduce below the ICT’s statement on the current situation on the occasion of 1 May. We strongly agree with this document to the extent that we make it our own. If we could, i.e. if there were no containment, we would disseminate this position as widely as possible. The IGCL, May 1st. The world proletariat has in the past celebrated May (...)

  • What Is America Trying to Do ? (Nuevo Curso)

    There isn’t a day going by without the press highlighting some off-key comment or response from Trump. The message again and again is that he’s a racist and he’s crazy. But there’s “system in his madness.” And more than likely, the underlying objectives, which point to an escalating conflict with China, will still be held by whoever holds the White (...)

  • Debate within the Proletarian Camp

    Letter to the GCCF : Participating to Electoral Campaign for Propaganda Purpose ?

    December 28th 2019 The IGCL to the Gulf Coast Communist Fraction, Dear comrades, We want to respond to your letter [9], dated November 30th on your website, and continue the debate about the basic positions of a communist organization nowadays, and more particularly the Points of unity [10] of the GCCF. Specifically, we want here to comment (...)

  • Spain 1936: Can There be a Proletarian Revolution without Insurrection and Destruction of the Bourgeois State?

    The key question of every revolution is undoubtedly the question of state power. Which class holds power decides everything. (…) It is the key question determining everything in a revolution’s development, and in its foreign and domestic policies. (Lenin, One of the Fundamental Questions of the Revolution, Sept. 1917) The ’Spanish Revolution’ (...)

  • Bilan #18 on the Proletarian State (April – May 1935, excerpts)

    We publish below excerpts from an article in the journal Bilan of the Left Fraction of the Communist Party of Italy, the so-called Italian Left, from a series published over the years on the question of the state and, more specifically, on the proletarian state and the experience of the Russian Revolution. We strongly invite the readers to (...)

  • Text of the Workers Movement

    Where to Begin ? (Lenin, 1901, Extracts)

    At the very moment when capitalism is exposing to the world the misery and massacres it promises us, where to begin? Quickly, we are running out of space: given the situation of dispersion of the proletarian camp, which can be compared to the situation of the Russian social democrats in 1900, the following article by Lenin serves as a (...)