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Letter to the group Internationalist Voice

June 27th 2019

The International Group of the Communist Left to Internationalist Voice,

For more than a year now, you have been sending us your statements and addressing us as "dear comrades", which prevails between communist groups. Thus we would like to ask if you still consider the IGCL as "an unprincipled and adventurous group" whose "campaigns only benefits the political police"(see your May 11th 2014 communiqué Solidarity with the ICC [1]), which would be quite contradictory and inconsequent with your now "fraternal" addresses. This statement was in continuity with the intervention and the correspondences that you had with Klasbatalo (Internationalist Communists of Montreal) in 2012 while it was discussing with the ex-Internal Fraction of the ICC, that is the Fraction of the International Communist Left. Again, for you at the time, "the actions of these people (“IFCL”) have been discrediting of the International Communist Current and they coded the name of their polluting companies creating of “fraction” and saving of the ICC (sic)". At least at the time, you were consequent and coherent with your call to the young comrades of Klasbatalo according to which "the precondition for a political debate with you is that you put your practice on serious criticism and publicly reject the actions of groups like ’IFCL’"(Reply to Klasbatalo, Int. Voice, October 15th 2011 [2]). You cannot ignore that Klasbatalo and the (actually) FICL ("these people" that the ICC was denouncing publicly in its international press as cops, provocateurs, gangsters, thieves, nazis, etc.) dissolved as specific groups and their members constituted the present IGCL in 2013.

So, we are wondering what political significance your 180 degree turn (these people to dear comrades) has. Is it due to a sincere conviction that you were wrong in following the ICC slanders and accusations and, above all, in sticking to its destructive theory of parasitism ? Or is it due to a vulgar attempt to break with your international isolation and with some kind of political distrust you have provoked all over the years among the other groups of the Proletarian Camp with your opportunist (in the vulgar meaning of the word) behaviour regarding the latter and particularly the ICC.

In the first case, we would welcome it only if you had publicly made a critical appraisal of your policy. Why do you now reject the theory of parasitism and what were the conditions for its adoption by you at the time ? What error of principle and method did you make ? That is how we consider the political responsibility that the revolutionaries owe to their class. If you now reject "parasitism", you have to explain it publicly.

Now, as "open" as we can be, we cannot exclude the alternative : a vulgar tactic to break with international and political isolation. Why ? Because you are the only group claiming to be part of the Communist Left that has publicly and constantly supported the destructive actions of the ICC towards its former members, particularly when they refused to resign and carried on as communist militants [3]. And, because you were the only ones to actually support the ICC theory of parasitism and its political and personal consequences.

If the young comrades of Klasbatalo had followed your orientation at the time and respected your "preconditions", you would not be able to call them now "dear comrades" since they would certainly no longer be active militants, as is true of most of the young and new revolutionaries that the ICC had integrated in the 2000s all around the world… precisely on the basis of the theory of parasitism and the clans and under the "precondition" that they all denounced firstly the… Internal Fraction of the ICC and then the IGCL, the very words you addressed to Klasbatalo.

If the introduction of the opportunist, petty-bourgeois and destructive theory of parasitism within the Proletarian Camp had not been defeated – as even the ICC now publicly acknowledged it has – then the Resolution presented at its 16th congress in 2005 calling for the destruction of the then IBRP, today ICT, would have continued and provoked more destruction of communist forces and convictions. In fact, you have been, at least objectively, if we accept to still give you some credit, the only "allies" of the attempt to destroy and liquidate the main forces of the Proletarian Camp.

You owe explanations, and clarification, to the international proletariat and the whole communist camp.

Communist Greetings, the IGCL (Revolution or War)
The Internationalist Voice’s ’Response’

"Unfortunately due to an irresponsible act of old Klasbatalo, this email account has been added to our distribution list, as email address of Klasbatalo not IGCL. Now we have corrected the mistake and removed this email address from our distribution list. Internationalist Voice."

And it joins us the copy of the allegedly irresponsible sending of Klasbatalo after its dissolution and the constitution of the IGCL at the end of 2013! "Dear comrades, our new email is Internationalist Greetings". The reader can assess the seriousness of the irresponsible act – informing the closure of one address and the opening of another –, the seriousness of the accusation and the trouble it may have caused in the soul, let us say kindly, troubled – by the theory of parasitism and clanism? - of Internationalist Voice. And the absence of any political character to this answer.



[3While, for instance, the two main other groups of the Communist Left at the time, the IBRP and the ICP-Le Prolétaire, denounced the methods of the ICC and rejected its accusations against the excluded members.