Revolution or War n°5

(February 2016)

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Slaughter and Blind Terror in Paris : Capitalism is Imperialist War ! (November 14th, 2015)

More than hundred deaths, hundreds of wounded persons, it is a real carnage that has just suffer the Parisian population yesterday night. It is the last dramatic episode of a series of bloody and barbaric attacks around the world, amongst them the recent Ankara one in Turkey and against the Russian flight in Egypt. They respond to the massive and rough military intervention of the main imperialist powers in Syria. At their turn, these attacks are going to relaunch even more the imperialist war and rivalries, in particular in the Middle East, with the lot of persons killed, misery and populations constrained, for their very survival, to run away the war and to migrate. One more time, the macabre reality comes to confirm the classic position of the working class movement and Marxism : Capitalism is war. No peace is possible as long as this society of misery and death won’t be overturned.

Looking forward to a more elaborated analysis on what has just taken place in Paris, we republish our past position on the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the kosher market of January 7th, 2015 in Paris in which we affirmed that “the further that capitalism falls into economic crisis, imperialist rivalries and war, the more that terrorism will develop and hit innocent people.” Capitalism’s reality has just confirmed, so much, our past statement.

The IGCL, November 14th, 2015.