Revolution or War n°7

(Biannual - February 2017)

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Introduction to the Communiqués and Statements on Trump’s Election and the Berlin Attack

The following are communiqués that we produced after Trump’s election and the Berlin attack (as well as the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey). Our communiqués are followed by the statements of the comrades of the Internationalist Communist Tendency. Our respective positions are undoubtedly on the same side of the class barricade faced with major and significant events of the reality of the present historical situation. Such events were unthinkable a few years ago; at least before 2015. And the fact that the ICT and our group (and also the PCI-The Proletarian – to a lesser degree) come together to underline and denounce that “the American elections show once more that the choice of ’Socialism or barbarism’ is more current than ever” (ICT) manifests, apart from a defence of the class positions and principles such as proletarian internationalism, the convergent perception of the stakes of the actual historical situation and where this tends to lead us if the revolutionary proletariat does not succeed to more widely, resolutely and frontally confront capitalism and, ultimately, destroy it. While the reader may notice that the “analytical” approaches of each event are not the same, we don’t think that they are opposed or contradictory. They appear to be even complementary and convergent according to us. The difference of approach and “method”, above all marked by the notion of “historical course”, means that our group (and partly also the PCI-Proletarian) assesses that the present events are the mark of a much more affirmed tendency “of the march towards generalized war” while the ICT analyses more the events in themselves and remains more reserved in regards to the very process leading to generalized imperialist war. It is in that sense that our statements are complementary while the respective arguments are not in contradiction.