Revolution or War n°7

(Biannual - February 2017)

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The Proletarians Must Respond to Trump and to All Capitalist States

“With Trump, the masks come off” [1]. His language is rough, vulgar, rude, insulting, far from the usual subtle diplomatic language. It is a language of war; of trade war; of imperialist war, and of class war. “Does this sound like a remake of the 1920s and 1930s? It does – 100 years later” (The Guardian, 17/1/2017) [2]. In hardly a few weeks of presidency, the “unthinkable and unpredictable” Trump has become an active factor of acceleration of the historical situation and basic contradictions of capitalism which have provoked his very election [3].

With Trump’s election, the American ruling class [4] engages itself in a march towards generalized war. It is going to relaunch the nuclear arms race and its military and “infrastructure” spending… as in the 1930s. It engages an aggressive diplomacy which points out the genuine enemies: China of course; but even more, and for the first time directly indicated, Germany and the European Union gathered around it. “ You [Germans] can build cars for the United States but you’ll have to pay 35% taxes on each car entering the United States” [5]. With Trump, the American ruling class has pointed its fingers at its imperialist rival: “You look at the European Union and it’s Germany. Basically a vehicle for Germany”.

With Trump’s election, it is all the national bourgeoisies, all the rival imperialist powers which are constrained to “consciously” engage in the march towards war. « The United States president is becoming a danger to the world. It is time for Germany and Europe to prepare their political and economic defences » (The German newspaper Der Spiegel, February 5th).

With Trump’s election, the concrete conditions of the massive historical confrontations between the classes which are going to determine the resolution of the alternative Revolution or War, are becoming clearer. His anti-immigrant, anti-”Latino”, anti-Muslim, sexist discourses and insults are true provocations against the proletariat. The American proletarians risk suffering a bloody defeat in the streets if they let themselves be dragged into anti-Trump demonstrations or in “defence of democracy” behind the Left forces and the Democratic Party [6]. The same would be true if they would adhere to the calls for national unity which follow each attack, from the January 2015 attack in Paris to the one committed in a mosque in Quebec on January 29th. For the proletarians, the only mobilization which is worth participating in, including in regards to the march towards war, is the defence of their living and working conditions against the capitalist class and its states. A massive and bloody defeat of the North American proletariat would represent the removal of the first obstacle to the path towards generalized war. Then, objectively, at the international and historical scale, there would only remain the obstacle of the European proletariat. Because, let’s be clear, if the North American and European fractions of the international proletariat were to suffer historical defeats, no other fraction of the international proletariat would be in a condition to brandish the flag of proletarian internationalism up to the necessary height to lead to the international working class insurrection and thus to the rejection of capitalism and war.

With Trump’s election, the revolutionaries and the most conscious workers must not evade their responsibility: to face the stakes of the situation; to regroup and collectively clarify them; to cry out and convince that there is no way out of the crisis nor out of imperialist war if capitalism is not destroyed; to be able to intervene and politically lead the inescapable class struggles.

With Trump’s election, with what his person signifies and announces, the clear and resolute struggle for the regroupment of the revolutionaries— that is to say for the construction of the class political party, the Communist Party— becomes an urgency.

RL, February 16th 2017.



[1Editorial of the Monde Diplomatique, February 2017, Serge Halimi.

[3We refer our readers to our communiqués in this issue on Trump’s election and the Berlin attack.

[4The facts that some of his most provocative declarations can be withdrawn under the pressure of the American state apparatus and sectors of the ruling class, and that his language can adopt a more diplomatic tone, does not change the fact he has made “the masks come off” and that the situation won’t backtrack, even if the US bourgeoisie ends up getting rid of him one way or another the way they did with Nixon or Kennedy.

[5Trump’s interview with the British newspaper, Times, and the German newspaper, Bild Zeitung, January 16th 2017.

[6We already can see this taking shape with the ability of the Mexican bourgeoisie to utilize Trump’s provocations, the construction of the wall at the frontier, to derail the violent popular anger after the rise of the gas prices late January 1st, with the organisation of a nationalist and “anti-gringo” demonstration on February 12th.