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No War But the Class War

(April 30, 2022)
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We join here the pdf leaflet of the No War but the Class War committees which was originally written by its Liverpool committee in Great Britain. We repeat here, as we said on our site (, the call launched by the Internationalist Communist Tendency on April 10. We call on all those, groups, circles and individuals who are isolated and who share the content of the call of the ICT and the internationalist leaflet to spread it to the maximum of their strength, in particular during the street demonstrations of May 1. Thereafter and as far as possible, regroup around the call and form committees to bring together internationalist forces and offer an alternative, the alternative of the class struggle, of the defense of our living and working conditions, in the face of the sacrifices for the imperialist war in Ukraine and the march to generalized war.

The IGCL, April 30, 2022