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Against the Imperialist Genocide in Palestine ! Against the Capitalism that Feeds It. ( May 15th 2021)

(Battaglia Comunista - Internationalist Communist Tendency)

We reproduce and endorse the internationalist position that the comrades of the Internationalist Communist Tendency in Italy have just published in the face of the war and the massacres of proletarians, particularly in Gaza but also in Israel. In the face of the imperialist war, it seems to us to be of the utmost importance that the groups of the international Communist Left can speak with one voice and raise together the flag of proletarian internationalism and the perspective of communist revolution. The IGCL.

Against the Imperialist Genocide in Palestine !
Against the Capitalism that Feeds It.

The Palestinian proletarians are today pawns in the hands of a confrontation between regional imperialisms: Israel on the one hand (supported by the USA and Europe), Iran, Turkey, Qatar, partly Egypt... on the other hand, which finance, arm and use the Hamas army for their own geostrategic interests.

As long as it has not conquered its political independence, the proletariat will always and only remain cannon fodder in the hands of ’its’ bourgeoisie and of the imperialism to which it is attached.

The interests of the Palestinian proletarians can only be really defended by the development of the anti-capitalist class struggle:

  • The alliance of Arab, Israeli and Middle Eastern proletarians against their own bourgeoisies.
  • The only real solidarity is always and only the class struggle against their own bosses and the construction of the revolutionary perspective.
  • The only real solution to the conflict in Palestine is international workers’ power.
  • Against all imperialist aggression.
  • Against the adherence of the proletariat to national coalitions
  • For the defence of the general interests of the class.
  • For the international party of the proletariat, the political instrument of the class struggle.
  • For the proletarian power that will realise communism and put an end to this daily horror of destruction, war and misery for the proletarians of Palestine and the whole world.
15 May 2021,
Battaglia Comunista – Partito Comunista Internazionalista
Internationalist Communist Tendency (