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88 . Massive Exodus on All Continents : It is Our Class Brothers that Capitalism Murders (Sept. 5th 2015)

The media, which work for the bourgeoisie , hypocritically bombard us with messages, photos and wishful thinking on the refugee crisis in Europe. They can’t silence thousands of men, women and children, miserable proletarians, who flee wars and travel through South Europe in the most appalling conditions. They can’t hide the death of Aylan, his brother and mother. The lifeless body of this little three year old boy ended up on a Turkish beach just because he wanted to live quietly with his family far from the misery and war that capitalism imposes. They forget very quickly those refugees elsewhere in the world, such as the Palestinians and Haitians. These millions of refugees are escaping from misery which is caused by the increase in capitalism’s crisis (Mexico and Central America) and above all they are running away from the wars throughout the world caused by the capitalist great powers: Libya, Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Thad, Mali, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and others. These great powers like Merkel’s Germany utilize the migrants to present themselves as more welcoming. In fact, Germany, like the others imperialist powers, have need of labour power in order to be competitive in its rivalry with the other great powers. If need be, Merkel (and her colleagues) would accept the father but not Aylan and his family. They’ve proved it with this three years, old child’s death with most of his family.

They also use the misery of millions of human beings to attempt to make over the image of the bourgeois democracies that are the main culprits for all these dead (and not only the smugglers) and that set up more and more walls (USA-Mexico, Hungary-Serbia, Palestine-Israel, Spain-Morocco in Ceuta) and internment camps (France, Hungry, USA, Greece, Italy). The return of these refugees to their country of origin is impossible since wars are going to continue. For Obama, and the “great” democrats, for the Canadian Prime Minister Harper for instance, the solution to this massive exodus is more bombardment in Iraq and Syria. There is no solution in the framework of capitalism to this exodus of millions of human beings. Decadent capitalism in crisis can only integrate into its worldwide system of exploitation a greater number of salaried if they are ready to accept the worst conditions. This capitalism and above all its “democracies” want proletarians which are particularly submitted to their crisis. The economic crisis of capitalism and the imperialist wars can only worsen even more towards a world war (if we let them) which will lead, amongst other things, to an incalculable number of refugees. We are just at the beginning of this political and ideological confrontation in which the capitalist class, adapting its offensive and its mystifications to the national situations, seeks to derail the growing anger against misery, repression and wars which provoke the flight of millions of human beings, that is against capitalism and the ruling class which puts forward the defence of democracy and the protection of national values of the different bourgeoisies.

It is not behind the Bourgeoisie and its State that the Proletarian Populations Fleeing Misery and War Will be Saved

The proletarians of all countries can’t let themselves be impressed, nor dragged, by the humanitarian campaigns, supposedly in solidarity with the migrants, and even less participate in the street demonstrations called by the Left parties and leftists. This won’t resolve the migrants’ situation and it will only reinforce misery and wars which are the causes of this massive exodus by strengthening the “internal” power of the bourgeois states. Even worse, it will only favour even more and speed up the massive exodus and multiply the dramas. Yet, the images and the testimonies of people bringing water and food, help and moral support to the poor refugees, express immediate feelings of solidarity and certainly relieve some of the unfortunate ones who walk all along the roads and paths. And that’s fine for the few people who receive these expressions of solidarity and material help. But these individual reactions are not only largely insignificant given the extent of the disaster but also and above all they are often derailed and used by the media at the service of the so-called humanitarian campaign that the main states, that is primarily the main democratic states, Germany at the head, have decided to launch.

Only the International Working Class Struggle can Bring both Hope and an Immediate Response

The proletarians of the world who saw Aylan’s dead body must collectively respond to all this. In time, this can only mean capitalism’s destruction and the advent of communism (which is the proletarian, Marxist, solution and which is opposed to Stalinism).
For the moment, the proletariat is not powerless. First, it must develop its struggles, in the factories, the working class neighbourhoods, in the streets, against generalised misery and wars that all proletarians suffer. It is only on this ground, because it is only here that it can impose a relation of forces which would compel the national bourgeoisies to limit, or even temporarily withdraw, their economic attacks against the whole working class, including the migrants. The working class in struggle can and must spread and unify its demands and its fight to all proletarians, active or unemployed, “national” or immigrants, legal or illegal, indigenous and migrants, refugees, exiled...
The death of the little Aylan is the death of one of their own, one of their sons. The thousands of drowned or killed while passing the frontiers, the 70 suffocated enclosed in a truck in Austria last week, are the macabre and awful price that the international proletariat pays, one more time, in its flesh, for capitalism’s survival.
By taking on its historical responsibilities, the proletariat will not only limit its misery in the great capitalist powers but also will definitively prevent new Aylans. Thus it will progress towards its definitive solution.
Only one solidarity with the migrants : the international working class struggle against capital! All together! Whatever the nationality, the origin, legal situation, illegal, exiled, refugees, steady job, precarious, unemployed, “without paper” (ID, passport), men, women...
Only one solution against this barbarous society: the communist transformation of society which will need the conscious abolition by the working class of the capitalist social relationships, that is of wage labour, the production of commodities for profit and national borders. This will require the creation of a world community whose entire activity will be dedicated towards the full satisfaction of human needs.

International Group of the Communist Left, September 5th 2015