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New ICC Attack against the International Proletarian Camp (February 1st 2020)

The ICC has just launched an international campaign of rumours and slander against the communist group Emancipación and its blog Nuevo Curso ( The simultaneous publication of this text in all the languages at its disposal expresses the importance it intends to give it. By insinuating that a militant belonging to Nuevo Curso is linked to the Spanish Socialist Party, it is in fact accusing him of being an agent provocateur on behalf of the SP and the bourgeois state. And by the way, it takes the opportunity to accuse us of complicity with this supposed provocation against the Communist Left. But it is true that for the ICC we are police agents, so it is not surprising that it denounces us once again.

We will not enter the rotten field of the personalization of political issues which, by substituting political differences and positions with psychology and the theory of parasitism, reduces the Emancipación and Nuevo Curso group to the supposed individual trajectory of a militant and aims to annihilate its political credit. If we remain on the political terrain, it is hard to see what interest the SP and the Spanish state would have in creating from scratch a group like Nuevo Curso whose denunciation of the capitalist character of the SP itself is systematic. And which, on the other hand, has played an active role in the emergence and international regrouping of new revolutionary and communist forces, particularly on the American continent. Nevertheless, for the attention of those who would be intimidated by the accumulation of the supposed charges against Nuevo Curso and who would succumb to the ’there is no smoke without fire’, we should point out that to date we have not noted any provocation, manoeuvring, denigration, slander or rumour, launched by members of Nuevo Curso, even as individuals, nor even any policy of destruction against other revolutionary groups or militants. In fact, it is the ICC that has championed these practices for decades under the guise of its theory of decomposition and parasitism, and which it is once again taking up on this occasion. This is not the first time, far from it, that it attributes its own disgusting behaviours to others.

The same is true of its only ’political’ reproach: Nuevo Curso has not responded to criticism, including ours, of its historical claim of the Trotskyist Left Opposition of the 1930s. But what authority can the ICC have in this matter, when it stubbornly refuses to respond publicly to those, including us too, who point to its successive and grave abandonments of Marxist principles; in particular that of its last congress liquidating the fundamental and central principle of Marxism of class struggle as the motor of history: "the general dynamic of capitalist society (...) is no longer determined by the balance of power between the classes"? (Resolution of the 23rd Congress of the ICC, translated from French).

The political significance of this international campaign is clear. It is aimed at rotting and undermining the international process of political emergence, development, regrouping and clarification that is currently under way - as we pointed out last summer: "the ICC is now launching a genuine parasitic attack – to use its own words – on these forces, particularly the Gulf Coast Communist Fraction, trying to convince them to discuss parasitism in priority. It does not matter for the ICC that the GCCF is opposed to this position, the very fact it has succeeded in getting them to accept a meeting on this theme, instead of political issues related to the Communist Left’s experience and programmatic lessons, is already in itself a trap for new forces without experience. Because debating the validity or not of parasitism with the ICC inevitably moves away from the political terrain, debates and political relations, to the benefit of the one, nauseating and destructive, of the psychology of individuals and supposed individual behaviour – which comrades cannot verify anyway and to which the ’accused’ can only respond by falling on the same ground" (Revolution or War #12, Balance-sheet and Perspectives of the 23rd Congress of the ICC, July 2019).

Discrediting and trying to suppress any other communist forces that do not fall in line with its decomposition and parasitism theory has become a constant of the ICC. Didn’t it systematically publicly denounce its former members as parasites, agents provocateurs and even cops? Did it not issue an internal resolution calling for the destruction of the ICT (ex-IBRP) at its 16th Congress in 2005? Today it is Nuevo Curso’s turn. Undermining the confidence of the new revolutionary forces in the entire proletarian camp, in the other forces of the Communist Left, is another. Didn’t it, once again, hasten to request a meeting with the GCCF on its accusations against Nuevo Curso?

Weakening and if possible destroying any attempt, any process of regrouping and fighting for the party has become the main, if not sole, purpose of today’s ICC.

The IGCL, February 1st 2020